Que Se Sepa – Roberto Roena

We were reviewing Spanish subjunctive tense in class today and my teacher mentioned this song title so I looked it up and I’m really glad I did! I have been more familiar with Spanish alt. rock and pop mostly, so it’s interesting to explore the catchy rhythms of latin salsa. They have such a unique flavor with their fast pace and richness of instruments such as percussions, bongos, and trombones. Salsa includes various genres within in, such as mambo and chachacha from Cuba, and arose from traditional music and dances in Puerto Rico and that area.

This song “Que se sepa” is from Puerto Rican salsa star Roberto Roena and his Apollo Sound salsa orchestra in 1973. “Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound” are considered one of the best salsa bands in Puerto Rico. They formed in 1969 and named themselves Apollo Sound because their first rehearsal was on the same day as the NASA’s Apollo 11 launch. 😀

I will try to translate now, but I will challenge myself for fun and try to translate just from listening and not reading the Spanish lyrics somewhere else. Here are the parts I understand just from listening! 🙂 :

Que Se Sepa – What is known

Tu y tu, deben que aprender  – You and you, should learn

Quieres asi, tu aprenda que si  – You want to [dance like this], you learn like this

Cada cual quiere su bim-bim  – Each which wants their bim-bim

Yo naci con mi bim-bim, y tengo mi bom-bom-bom, que se sepa! 🙂  x 5  –  I was born with my bim-bim, and I have my bom-bom-bom, what is known? or like what is there to know? Maybe it’s a question in that sense..

Oye, tengo mi bim-bim-bim, tambien tengo mi bom-bom-bom 😀  –  Listen, I have my bim-bim-bim, I also have my bom-bom-bom.

I also heard a reference to Nueva York! – New York!  where a lot of salsa music developed to the influx of Puerto Rican immigrants at the time.

Que se sepa, bim-bim, y tengo mi bom-bom  –  What is known, bim-bim, and I have my bom-bom

Se sepa, se sepa, se sepa, que en Puerto que si soy el mejor – It’s known, It’s known, It’s known, is that in Puerto Rico, I am the best.

I was able to understand a pretty good amount but not all. How accurate is what I’ve translated? And any salsa music recommendations? And comments of course. Gracias! 🙂

Yo naci con mi bim-bim, y tengo mi bom-bom-bom, que se sepa! 🙂 ❤


2 thoughts on “Que Se Sepa – Roberto Roena

  1. Since you really liked Roberto Roena & the Apollo sound’s music, I recommend. The song “con los pobres estoy” and “te lo voy a jurar”

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